On your Kindle from June 1st 2011, book one in the Spark/Flame series

In life he was her inspiration. In death she must be his strength.

“Whatever else, we keep each other alive, yeah?” swear street artist and class geek Spark, and dreamer and outcast Kayla Flame, thrown together as new kids in school.

Spark introduced Kayla to a world of books and music, gave her life purpose. But the incessant bullying that drove them together has taken a deeper toll on Spark, and Kayla has to watch his body get eaten away by self-harm and addiction until she knows she has to do something before it’s too late.

Punching a teacher to the ground after school, she snatches keys, a wallet, and a car, and with cans of corned beef and Relentless, enough heroin to hold off Spark’s cold turkey for two days, and petrol to take them who knows where, Kayla cranks up the music, belts Spark into the seat beside her, and takes off in a last bid to save his life, to give him  something to live for.

For two days they have the time, literally, of their lives, but Spark’s body is weak, and the forces against them are strong, and their increasingly desperate flight becomes a struggle to cram in every last second of life before the inevitable.

But when death takes him, it’s only the beginning of Kayla’s journey. To get revenge on the bullies who stole him from her, and to bring him back, to be true to the oath they swore when they were first together.